• Mahshid RahimTabrizi
• Born in Tehran 1969
• BA of Painting
• Continuous Member of Association of Iranian Painters.

o Participation in 8 solo Exhibitions
o More than 120 Group Exhibitions in Iran (4th an 6th Tehran Contemporary Painting Biennials ) ,Armenia (high Art Museum) ,China , Japan – Tokyo (Metropolitan Museum Tokyo ) ,Belgium, Switzerland(Art fair) ,Italy (Genova , Satura art gallery ),Triennial France-Paris , Canada.
o Selected for artist profile contemporary art itineraries 2016 Italy Genova satura art gallery
o Interviewed and published by Artist Review and Interview by Articul Action Contemporary Art Magazine Annual 2015 in London , UK after participation in London Painting Biennial.
o Third person in the second International Biennial at Genova Italy .

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