Ensieh Najarian was born in the year 1982 in Hamadan. Since childhood she was very interested in learning and creating artistic works and while education, she obtained several certificate at artistic competitions of Hamadan. She admitted at university in the year 2001
And upon graduation from University of Tehran at Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, attempted for learning miniature drawing(traditional Iranian drawing). At the present time she has created a new style for merging the traditional and modern art. She was top selected at 5th Fajr international festival of visual arts, 3rd Tolo khordad festival of visual arts and 14th Imam Reza festival of visual arts.
2007- Miniature Exhibition - Mother Gallery - Tehran
2008- Modern Inscriptions Exhibition - Fam Gallery - Tehran
2008- Stained Glass Portraits Exhibition - Fam Gallery - Tehran
2012- 5th fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts – Tehran
2015- 3rd Toloo Khordad Festival of Visual Arts
2016-14th Imam Reza International festival of Visual Arts
2016-Visual Arts Exhibition - Niavaran Palace -Tehran
2017-Dreamly chart Exhibition – Amin Gallery - Tehran


Modern Illuminated Manuscript:

Illuminated manuscript is the ornamentation of old scripts with golden color and delicate
Drawings including: flower, plants or geometrical shapes with style of repeating configuration
and regular mode that are executed exactly based on specified principles. Nevertheless, in such
works, illuminated manuscript is offered with modern technique i.e. a technique that regular
discipline is available around the sun and it is possible to observe freedom in different colors
and drawings and sometimes the drawings mixed with bustling mode for their compatibility with this age. Also dynamism is available in these works.
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