Mary Javidi Born in 1985
BA in Painting from the University of Shiraz –iran art


What we face in Maryam Javidi' s present works is the state of ambiguity in
addition to deconstruction and deformation of forms ,in spite of evident
and sometimes concealed disciplines.The artist tries to make a firm
connection between her own cultural and historical backgrounds with her
contemporary world.The application of silent colors without any signs of
vociferous implications,beside the presence of a prevailing cultural
element in Iranian culture such as cow ,the existence of contemporary
human being as well as numbers are the characteristics of her works.In some
other works of hers a set of lines and levels are turned into an abstract
and anonymous form and we could not observe the above mentioned
characteristics anymore.This trend shows a gradual development and
evolution of an artist's idea in her short artistic activity which is fully
outstanding in the present works.To unwind the meaning of these
characteristics for the artist, we should quest for the connection of the
addressees with the works.To put it in nutshell,it could be claimed
unhesitatingly that the artist has made her addressees ponder deeply . To
freeze the addressee for a moment before her work is inherently an artistic
triumph for the artist in the battle between her and idea.
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