Master of Art in Illustration: Tehran University of Art,University teacher ,painter,illustrator


1-Participation in ” Contemporary art fair”, 2017, Ankara-Turkey.

2-Participation in ” Pelasco Group Exhibition” White Line Gallery, 2017, Tehran- Iran.

3-Participation in ” Group Visual Art Exhibition” Saba Cultural Artistic Institute, 2017, Tehran- Iran.

4-Participation in ” Iraranian painting, Group Exhibition” nish art gallery,2016,Istanbul-Turkey.

5-Participation in ” Naghshe Mehr Group Exhibition” Artcenter Gallery,2016, Tehran- Iran.

6-Participation in ”Ansisin, Group painting Exhibition” Nish Art Gallery,2016,Istanbul-turkey.

7-Participation in ” Calligraphy Iranian ART Group Exhibition” The hall of Iran Bastan Museum,2016, Tehran- Iran.

8-Participation in ” 4th Grand Festival of Art for Peace” Iranian Artist Forum ,2016, Tehran- Iran.

9-Participation in ”Art Market” Iranian Artist Forum ,2016, Tehran- Iran.

10-Participation in ”Staying Iraranian Art, Group Exhibition” Armanian Artists Society,2016,Iravan-Armenia.

11-Participation in ”Annual Exhibition of Art Party” Iranian Artist Forum,2016, Tehran- Iran.

12-Participation in ” Abstract Word Exhibition” Ace Gallery ,2016, Tehran- Iran.

13-Participation in ” New Understand From Nature” Ebnesina Culture club ,2016, Tehran- Iran.

14-Participation in ” Art Shop Group Exhibition” Urmazd Gallery,2016, Tehran- Iran.

15-Participation in ”Tree Group Exhibition” Sareban Gallery ,2016, Tehran- Iran.

16-Participation in ” Baaz Art Group Exhibition” Touba Gallery Tamashagahe zaman Museum ,2015, Tehran- Iran.

17-Participation in ” Persian Blue Group Exhibition” Ahvaz Museum of
Contemporary Art ,2016, Ahvaz- Iran.

18-Participation in ” Omid Auction” Homa Hotel ,2016, Tehran- Iran.

19-Participation in ” Yato Group Exhibition” Sobhan Gallery ,2015, Tehran- Iran.

20-Participation in ” Mehretaban Group Exhibition” Ace Gallery ,2015, Tehran- Iran.

21-Participation in ” Calligraphy Group Exhibition” Aghili Gallery , 2015, Tehran- Iran.

22-Participation in ”Rendan Visualart Group Exhibition” Millad Tawer Gallery ,2015, Tehran- Iran.

23-Participation in ” Lale khamoosh Calligraphy Group Exhibition” Persian Idea Gallery , 2015 , Tehran- Iran.

24-Participation in ”Calligraphy Group Exhibition, Gachsar Hotel” 2015 , Tehran- Iran.

25-Participation in ”Naghshemehr Visualart Group Exhibition” Mina Gallery, 2015 , Tehran- Iran.

26-Participation in ” Art City Group Exhibition” Millad Tower Gallery, 2015, Tehran- Iran.

27-Participation in ” Calligraphy Group Exhibition” Hepta Gallery, 2015 , Tehran- Iran.

28-Participation in ” Ninth International Biannual Caricature Exhibition ” Iran cartoon House, 2013, Tehran- Iran.

29 - The Selected Artist in “Arezooye Man Competition” Rasaneh Art club,2012 , Tehran-Iran.

30-Participation in the ” My Chair Group Exhibition” Iran cartoon House, 2011, Tehran- Iran.

31-Participation in the “Fajr Visual Art Festival Exhibition” Farhangestane Honar, 2011, Tehran- Iran.

32-Participation in “Azadegan Illustration Exhibition” Farhangestane Honar, 2010, Tehran- Iran.

33-Participation in “Group Exhibition of Illustration” in Tehran Art University, 2009, Tehran- Iran.


The most important specification in Mahya Tolookian_The painter calligrapher and University teacher _ artworks is exposing her visual power in Iranian script And letters. She believes the different kind of Persian script specially Nastaliqu And Broken Nastaliqu Scripts have very high level of capability in innovation and creating new forms in letters.
Mahya during creating her artworks, ignores Written rules and regulations to reach a newer and more unique style.
She tries to show not only traditional art and Iranian painting ,but also complex mind of contemporary human.
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