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Ali Ebrahimi Nikoo (Iran, Tehran, 1361)
Membership in the Iran Illustrators Association
Membership in the Visual Arts Association
Print workshop manager of Art University
Received 3rd grade of art in the field of printmaking by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
Group Exhibitions:
Group of printmaking, angel book city gallery, 2016
Group of Ivory Coast printmaking, Cultural Office of the Embassy of Ivory Coast, 2016
The third exhibition of printmaking exchange, Laleh Gallery, 2016
The second annually of printmaking exchange, Laleh Gallery, 2015
“Self-Portrait”, Cultural Office of the Embassy of Ivory Coast, 2015
“Chalcography exhibition”, gallery of twenty six, 2015
“Group of print and painting”, Barssam Gallery, 2015
“Edinburgh Iranian Festival”, Field of imagery, Scotland 2015
“Display works in the Journal of” America Portfolio Artist 2015
“Visual Arts International Festival of Fajr”, Field of imagery, Saba Gallery, 2014
“Imagery National Festival of Demeh port”, Anzali port, 2014
“East My Beautiful sad”, Field of imagery, Laleh Gallery, 2014
“Tehran Painting Week”, Saba Gallery, 2014
“The first annually of printmaking exchange”, Laleh Gallery, 2014
Book imagery:
Book imagery “International Day of sausage”, Written by Ali Ashkan Nejad, Miyaneh Publications, 2016
Cooperation in the field of printing, “printmaking book of Master Soltan kashefi”
Phone: +98 919 264 96 21


Basically, black-and-white images have their own world, a world that is summarized in appearance which is reminiscent of placelessness and timelessness bizarrely.
In a world where color could be effective as the most influential factor in infusing of a concept, a kind of, remove of color has reminded immortality and recalled it.
Recollection of old days within the framework of printed memorials, particularly xylography and chalcography , reminds one of old memories, on the one hand, and the “hidden ego,” calling into one’s minds a newer illusion, on the other.
Striding across commemoration of these memories, Ali Ebrahimi Nikoo effectively exhales his explorer and innately artist self into the physique of such memories.
In his printed works, such factors as occupation, transformation, conflation, and application of different printmaking facilities provoke an amalgamation of past memories with moments tinged by ‘now’.
Ebrahimi Nikoo is not a painter of blithe peoples’ ordinary lives. Rather, he locates ‘life’ before his own and other viewers’ eyes as an idealist sign, thereby seeking for discovery amidst veneers of reality.