Said Arsalani Iranian painter and miniaturist and calligrapher
Born in 1976 Urmia Iran
_ Obtaining the first grade Artistic degree equivalent to doctorate degree in art
_ Winning the first place of the 4th international visual art festival in Iran with the work titled the peace held in 5-22 SEP 2009 by being the phenomenon and selected work of art and even the advertising logo of the same festival
_ Winning the first place of the 5th Miniature festival and illuminated manuscript bienal in Iran
_ Member of Iranian miniature association
_ One of the four most valued artists in Illustration art in Shams in Shamse Mirror festival in ImamAli musume in Tehran
_ Member of the Jury of 3rd Tabriz International festival for Islamic Arts and crafts and creativity 2017
_ Head of miniature and illuminated manuscript association in West Azerbaijan province in Iran
_ the youngest Iranian master in the art of Iranian calligraphy obtaining the master degree of Momtaz in the same field at the age of 10 years old
_ painter
_ Azarbaijani Tar player and composer
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