⭕️According to modern physics findings, universe is an ever changing net of connections. It is a combination of all kinds of dualities which makes reality. This means our choices between these dualities form our objectivity. Our engagement with our surrounding determines the kind of connection we will have with the world. This net of connections is obvious even in cells which are smallest building blocks of life. Synapse is the place where neurons connect with each other. These connections coordinate all the cells within a body. These tiny connections are what keep us alive. So, thinking about other forms of connections including humans with each other, with other beings and with his surrounding is the key to understand life and the reason of our existence. Outcome of my thoughts about this idea makes this collection, Synapse, which is before you. In my paintings I try to convey a unique feeling about our connection with our world by using simplified model of human body and net-like and filamentous forms. However each tableau has its own unique story, they have one common point which is their connections with one another. By these connections, we exchange energy with each other. Finally, our thoughts and feelings determine our type of connection. Afsaneh ghafouri