- Instructor of photography field of academy
- Member of photographers national society of Iran
- Member of Negah photographers society (Irans photographers Homes)
- Member of the International fedration of photography art (FIAP)
- Continued member of press home of Ardabil province

Artistic Management and liabilities:
- Responsible of holding the subjective exhibitions of artistic area of Ardabil province/2007
- Artistic manager of velayet and keramat Festivals poster and photograh gallery/2008
- Chief of photograph section of Alhadi centers Artisic and cultural activities/2009
- Artistic manager of facker photography Workshop/2009
- Artistic mnager of 2nd exhibitions of throughout tear-like (AshkVareh) of A shora photographs/2011
- Judge of photograph part of endowment Artistic festival named "permanent flowing river"/2010
- Chief of photograph part of "Avage Ardabil" magazine/2007 - 2010

International titles:
- First rank of 3rd international festival of great reward of Islamic Resistence/Iran-Esfahan/2012
- Second rank of 4rd international festival of "parto-e hosn" /Iran-Tehran/2009
- Selecting of ist two–annual international Islamic world photograph/Iran-Tehran/2008
- Chosen of 3rd international Fajr Festival of subjective arts/Iran-Tehran/2011
- One of 10 photographers selected for final stage of great reward of world bank of switzer laud/switzland/2008
- Chosen of first international photograph festival of Islamic cohesion/Iran-Tabriz/2008
- Chosen of 2nd word- wide resistance festival/Iran-Tehran/2011
- Chosen of 17th international festival of subjective Arts of the youth/Iran-Gorgan/2009
- Chosen of first interntional festival of Afdesta/Iran-Tehran/2013
- Chosen of presence in the exhibition of Iranian photographers home at Nayrobi univesity of Kenya/kenya/2009
- Chosen of presence in the exhibition Iranian photographers home in National Museum of Nayrobi,Kenya/Kenya/2009
- Chosen of the festival of millenume development objectives of the united Nations/Iran-Tehran/2009
- Chosen of presence in international gallery of Cyprus 2011 due to the anniversary of the 60th establishment of FIAP/Cyprus/2011
- And…

National titles (Of Iran):
- First rank of photography field in National and Religious identity Reinforcement Momorial/2009
- First rank of Quranic festival of subjective arts of good and simple–life/2010
- First rank of first festival of "Del Dideh" photograph/2011
- First rank of 3rd mourning-memorial (sougvareh) of Ashoraee moments photograph/2012
- Prime rank of professional part of first festival of Natural Resources photograph/2011
- Second rank of National mourning–memorial (sougvareh) of the university of shahid Rajaee/2010
- Select rand of 2rd throughout mourning-memorial of photograph of "suns Empty Frame"/2010
- Appeciation rank of photograph part of first Artistic festival of the book in mirror/2012
- And…

- The article of "Third view,photographers view"/Avay-e Ardabil Magazine 303/2007
- The article of "photography is for bidden"/Aray-e Ardabil Magazine 332/2008
- Critique of photograph of "world doesn’t have less uglies"/photography camera publication 59/2007
- Critique of photograph of "vivdy nature of one image…"/Tolou publication 4-5/2011
- Critique of photograph of "As if people are parished at this photograph"/Tolou publication 6-7/2012
- The article of "Ashora's telling in love frame"/moharram special–magazine in Ardabil/2013
- And…

- The first individual gallery titled "Rectivity"/Iran-Ardabil/2009
- Participa ting in more than 50group galleries in Iran and foreign countries
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