He was born in Lahijan, Northern Iran, in 1930, he lived there through his childhood and youth years, Mahjoubi finished Alborz High school in 1954 and after some years in Faculty of Arts in Tehran University, and received his graduate degree with excellent marks in 1959. He was director of technical office of City Parks at Tehran Municipality for 12 Years.
During half a century of work within the area of visual arts, he has arranged 60 individual exhibitions and participated in tens of group exhibitions with Iranian and international artist from around the world.
His 55 years of work and life has produced about 6000 works in sketches, watercolor, oil paint, calligraphic - painting and also projects in architecture, urban planning and green spaces.
Many of his works are in public and private collections world around.


During half a century of work within the area of visual arts, HE has arranged more than 50 individual exhibitions and participated in tens of group exhibitions with iranian and international artist from around the world.

Individual Exhibitions
Mehrgan Teachers Clup - Tehran / 1958
Saba Gallery - Tehran / 1964
Borghese Gallery - Tehran / 1965
Seyhoun Gallery - Tehran / 1968
Syrous Gallery - Paris /1970
Gallery 92 - Tehran / 1970
Gallery 92 - Tehran / 1972
ST Paul Gallery - Stockholm /1973
Gallery 92 - Tehran / 1974
Gallery 92 - Tehran / 1976
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1977
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1979
Cultural Institute of France-Tehran / 1981
Tehran Museum Contemporary of Art - Tehran /1983
Bengtsson Gallery -Stockholm / 1985
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1985
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1986
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1987
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1988
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1990
Classic Gallery - Isfahan / 1990
Art Gallery - Rasht / 1991
Pariz Gallery - Rafsanjan / 1991
Aurum Gallery - Montreux - Swiss /1991
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1992
Hakim Nezami Gallery - Tehran /1993
Classic Gallery - Isfahan / 1994
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1995
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1996
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1997
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 1998
Miniature Tower - Tehran 1999
Aurum Gallery - Montreux, Swiss /1999
Anahita Gallery - Los Angeles, USA/ 2000
Hourian Gallery - San Francisco,USA / 2000
Atbin Gallery - Tehran / 2000
Gallery 4 - Tehran / 2001
City Hall – Cape Town, South Africa / 2001
New Dehli City Hall - India /2002
Ashian Nagh o Mehr Gallery - Tehran /2002
Isfahan Museum Contemporary Art / 2003
Ashian Nagh o Mehr Gallery - Tehran /2003
Town Hall - Wiesbaden, Germany /2004
Iran Consulate – Frankfurt, Germany / 2004
The Iranian Academy or the Art - Tehran /2005
Sanandaj Cultural Center /Sanandaj, Iran /2005
Ashian Nagh o Mehr Gallery - Tehran /2005
Ashian Nagh o Mehr Gallery - Tehran /2006
Daylaman University / Lahejan, Iran / 2007
Ashian Nagh o Mehr Gallery - Tehran /2008
Art Academy - Tiblisi, Georgia / 2010
Ashian Nagh o Mehr Gallery - Tehran /2012
Iranian Artists House - Tehran /2012
Art Center Gallery - Tehran / 2012
Cultural House of Gilan - Rasht / 2013
Tehran Museum Contemporary of Art - Tehran /2014


Hossein Mahjoubi
I have always asked myself when can mankind live the short period of their lives in the world without all these troubles and turbulence ?
The evolution of mankind as the superior being among all creatures, has witnessed numerous horrifying destruction of nature and elimination of its own kind and, in the end, itself and this has been the flow of history to date which seems to be taking an eternal form. It is right here within this process that I have always asked myself, and must keep asking , where on the face of this vast scene of existence is this creature heading?
My works over the last decades cry out this question which has haunted the furthest corners of my mind: hey you , who have named yourself human , how far and how long you intend to do this huge amount of destruction ? Where on this old, foul world have you left behind wisdom and virtue, making your life, and that of others, unbearable?
The question is this: why have we remained ignorant of the basics of living despite all these inventions and discoveries? Other species, whom we have named animals and looked at with humiliation, in spite of all the violence inherent within them as a result of their struggle for survival, live with their kind and others in peace and leave themselves passionately to the flow of life, not like us who are destroying the planet with our consumerism and technology addiction, demolishing numerous species only in a few decades.
Unfortunately , the outcome of all the marvelous achievements and inventions are overtaken by the lords of power and wealth who trod the road to war and decadence, not towards the happiness of mankind.
In our modern , mechanical life we are witnessing that humans are engulfed by various kinds of psychological and mental disorders and if this manner lasted
more, perhaps natural life as such would leave our wonderful earth and make it deprived of the beauty of life like other planets.
My works manifest the very important point that with no doubt, only with the contribution of great men of thought and by the help of science , a new man will come into this world who can live a life void of all the vices. This is how the mankind is able to reach the lofty position they deserve and this is the scene where eternal friendship and immortal ideals will unveil.