Ahmad Ariamanesh, a professor of Iranian Calligraphers Association in 1967, was born in Hamadan. He is the founder of Iran's first calligraphy after the passage of five centuries of Iranian calligraphy created last known style, Kereshmeh, beautiful calligraphy in 1992 and the Safir calligraphy in 2006 and the world's artistic community.

Calligrapher (Inventor of Kereshmeh and Safir styles in calligraphy (Kereshmeh, was born in Iran’s calligraphy After 5 centuries)
Composer and Def Player (National Music, Traditional Music, Folk Music and Chid Music)


Related Work Experience / Professional Experience
Teaching at Private school of calligraphy -Kereshmeh.
Teaching at Higher education Institute -Vali e Asr (use of calligraphy in graphics).
Teaching at Kar Higher Education Institute-Qazvin (technical experience related to calligraphy).
workshops, lectures and presentations in calligraphy and calligraphy’s paint.

The beauty of contiguous and coordination in Nastaliq.
Another Birth in calligraphy (The Kereshmeh).
Safir calligraphy.
First in International Festival of the Quran, 2006.
Selected in International Festival of the Quran, 2005.
Selected in International Festival of Imam Ali,2000.
Graduated from the Association of Iranian Calligraphers ,1987.
First in National Festival of Student Calligraphy, 1982.
First in Provincial Calligraphy Festival, Hamadan, since 1984 until 1988.
Second in National Festival of Student Calligraphy, 1981.

Solo Exhibitions

Calligraphy,Vali Art Gallery, Tehran, 2015
Incorporation of Calligraphy and Painting, Tehran, Sarban Gallery, Tehran, 2012
Incorporation of Calligraphy and Painting, Kazakhstan,2011
Calligraphy Painting, Museum of Saba, Tehran,2009
Calligraphy Painting, Iranian Forum, Dubai in 2007
Calligraphy’s Painting, National Library of Moscow , 2004
Calligraphy, Leaf Art Gallery, Tehran, 2003
Calligraphy, Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran, 2002
Calligraphy and Painting, Green Gallery, 2001
Yadegar e Ayam, Hamadan,1995
Yadegar e Ayam, Hamadan,1992
Ashk e Ghalam, Calligraphy Institute, Tehran, 1989
And corporation in more than 50 national group exhibition since now
Activities In Music
Collaboration with Hamadan Broadcasting, the Department of Music, since 1987.
Collaboration with the Chakavak Band.
Fusion Concert, Teacher Hall, Hamadan,1991.
Fusion Concert, Fajr Hall, Hamadan,1989.
Folk music Concert, Cinema Hall,Hamadan,1986.
Collaboration with theater group (live music performance),
A Song For You, Fajr Festival,1991.
Khaton’s Precept, Fajr Festival,1993

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