solo exhibitions
2007 Drawing Exhibition – Artmis gallery
2008 Painting Exhibition – Dey gallery
2009 Painting Exhibition of Dey gallery
2010 Eyvan-e Sefid gallery – Painting exhibition
2011 Painting exhibition of Dey gallery
Solo Exhibitions
2003 Seventh Contemporary Drawing Exhibition of Iran , Barg gallery
2004 The second generation Drawing Exhibition , Barg gallery
2005 Drawing Exhibition of Karaj
2005 Work exhibition of contemporary realistic painters of Iran
2006 Visual arts festival
2006 fourth exhibition of contemporary Islamic world's painting
2006 house of artists – painting exhibition
2006 Painting exhibition of laleh gallery
2006 Drawing Exhibition , aria gallery
2007 Exhibition of Effects on painting in contemporary painting of Iran
2007 Seventh Contemporary painting of Iran
2007 Participate in effects of panitign in contemporary painting of irn
2007 Negahe no group –house of artists of iran
2008 New generation selected
2008 Participate in the biggest painting workshope of confemporary histoty of itan
2008 The first exhibition of selected artists of national gallery of iran
2008 Participate in the creation festival
2008 Colout of love exhibition- niavatanl cultural complex
2009 Frompast to tomorrow-Dey gallery
2009 Haft negah exhibiton –dey gallery
2010 Exhibition of contemporary artists of iran
2011 Group enhibition fo designing –dey gallery
2012 Haft nexah grop exhipition of painting
2014 Bounce teased the group painting exhibition –dey gallery
2014 group exhibition of metamorphosis –aun gallery
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