"Besides painting, my desire to music limited my childhood dreams to having a small radio through which I could quench my thirst. As I grew older, I could meet different people who directed me to the music
resources that I always craved. Of course you know that finding what you desired with the quality that you wanted was so difficult back then. My sudden familiarity with Berlin school and Klaus Schulze,especially electronic music Berlin prepared my soul to enter a new world. My acquaintance with Friedrich Nietzsche philosophy opened great horizons in my works and tyles as well" Musician, Guitarist, Keyboardist and the former member of Tanjerin group works on the human's temporary position and talks about his ideals. He has got the far past in his mind but tries for the future men. He uses Music a lot in his tasks especially electronic music at Berlin school which we can call Klaus Schulze one of the most famous musician of that school.
My paintings are somehow the reflection of my understanding of life and all creatures, human and values created by man. After studying philosophical point of views and my own understanding, I realized that the man looks at the world the way he likes, not the way it is, and it changed my whole perspective towards the world. Much has been a great help to me in reation of my works to great deal.
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