AliReza Javadi born in Tehran.
I've born in Art. in the heart of calligraphy. Experiences in the path of calligraphy, led me to other types if the art. The music sprouted in me and the painting bcame a bew part of my soul. And now I'm seeking modernism, modern art and the contemporary art society .
I'm a traveller and will be forever.


Ali Reza Javadi
Born in Tehran in 1365
Beginning in 1383
Calligraphy and calligraphy courses with Professor Ahmad Aria Manesh
Activity and taught composition and use of visual arts
An official member of the London gallery
Activity in the field of printmaking since 87 so far
Executive Secretary management:
Internal management Art school Kereshmeh
Executive Secretary calligraphy workshop at the Iranian Artists' Forum 1387
Executive Secretary of the Conference Ambassador in Arak, Iran, 1388
Executive Secretary largest calligraphy workshop on the occasion of Hazrat Artists, Cultural Center and Arasbaran Nations in 1388
Executive Secretary of great calligraphy workshop at the Academy of Arts in commemoration of Hafez
Secretary-run conference unveiling the first line of educational books Artist Ambassador in 1389
Dolat ad lib in the National Congress under Mr. Rvyanyan
Consultant and art director are the days site Rtybyshn and Ivan Iranian art from 1393 to the present.

And ...
Coach International Quran Exhibition of Calligraphy in 1384 -85-86
Teaching and public Private centers from 1385 to now school idea, inviting a training of seduction, tablet and pen, white porch ...
Teacher of calligraphy, line drawings and art theory at Amirkabir University of Technology from 1388 to 1390
Teacher of calligraphy, painting and art theory at the University martyr Beheshti University from 1388 to 1391
Teacher of calligraphy, painting and art theory at Sharif University of Technology 1392 to 1393
Solo exhibitions:
Freedom Tower Gallery 1387
Idea Gallery 1389
Gallery Islamic Azad University in the city of Bandar Abbas in 1389
Idea Gallery 1392
Silk screen printing exhibition in the gallery today, 1389 Gallery Professor Karam-Ali Shirazi
Tehran's participation in Expo auction 1391
Concert in the Great Hall Ivan Shams line performance with more than 500 visitors
And more than 100 workshops and group exhibitions in Tehran, Iran

Reports and television programs:
Documentary Network Special Norouz program
Channel 4 Azan feature
Network Jam
Channel 2 TV reported the fair
Channel 4 TV special Ramadan program
Network 2 feature Ramadan
Interview news:
Review Exhibition Come a little closer in the newspaper bright
In an interview with IQNA news agency, IRNA, ISNA, Art News and ...
Meetings Art
2nd Session economy of art in Cultural Center with the doctor's Dream and President of the Association, Mr. Lutfi and Ahmad Ariamanesh collectors. Ali tons
1 meeting with Mr. Hafiz Mir Solarium philosophy of art
1 meeting of the Economics of Art at the University of Applied Science Unit 12
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