Name: Majid Hosseinzadeh Azari
Born: 1972,Tabriz, Iran
Field: Calligraphy- Typography

Having acquaintance for 30 years in calligraphy and typography fields. Student of great masters such as: Jalil Rasouli, Mohammad Ehsaei, Foad Bashar ( Turkey), Faras Nasravi ( Iraq). Running the first typography fair in Tanbriz in 2001; furthermore, single fairs at art academy and Laleh gallery, Haftan gallery of Tehran. Running many workshops at Quran and Fatemioon fairs in Tehran and Tabriz.Having fairs in Istanbul, Ankara (Turkey) and Dubai.
Teaching typography in Tabriz. Drawing the biggest typography work of art for Qadir Eve for Art and cultural organization of Tabriz for the first time in Iran. Having interview with TV channels ( Quran, Kosar).
Existing work of art in Razavi holy shrine museum.
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