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A cursory look at the history of Iranian art reveals that Ali Akbar Sadeghi experimented for the first time with the representational style of this work in illustrating a book titled The Hero of Heroes, 1970. He depicted icons in the book that over decades, are still considered his signature works in heroic and lyrical realms. The book was a starting point for him to forge a visual model, where it verges on a setting replete with stories and parables.

Early Life Ali Akbar Sadeghi was born on 1937 a graduate of the College of Art, University of Tehran, is one of the most prolific and successful Iranian painters and artists. As a child, Ali Akbar Sadeghi reminisces that he would be lost in the chants …
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Aliakbar Sadeghi


  • Artwork's Code: 2051531287
  • Category: Painting
  • Technique: Mixed Media
  • Material: Canvas
  • Date Created (Georgian Date) : 2012
  • Dimensions: 100 * 300
  • Edition: One

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