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About Artwork 5Untitled from Aabdidegaan series

The Waterbeholders is my narrative of human interrelations. Fragments which have been emerged between me and others, the confluence of desire and lassitude. For whipping this collection into shape, I captured the portrait of my relatives and landscapes of Caspian Sea and while drawing their portrait, and weaving the lines I looked at the photos. I have used oil on canvas, so that the texture would look bulky and thick and so that I will be able to cast my color modalities on white areas. In most of these paintings, portraits have been filled over time, emerging new ones, and the pictures were gradually destructed and built. These paintings contain my layers of grief. As if I was stirring beneath them, not knowing about dangers of being buried underneat, I am only a bitter beholder of the flesh who cannot do, but to grieve over their lost parts and trying to reach for them.

5Untitled from Aabdidegaan series

  • Artwork's Code: 4707042528
  • Category: Painting
  • Technique: Oil
  • Material: Canvas
  • Date Created (Georgian Date) : 2019
  • Dimensions: 50 * 55
  • Edition: One

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