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About Artwork Fragile

Fragility and strangeness read as the main theme. Femininity plays an important role in this piece. This sculpture is made of small pieces which make a lady shoe as a whole. It could be read as a fragile woman that gets herself together in this modern society. Louise Bourgeois' works helped me to create this piece. The audience may have a different interpretation which is the beauty of art.

Graduated from Camberwell University of the Arts London studied Foundation Diploma in Sculpture Master of psychoanalysis from Middlesex university

Zahra Etminan


  • Artwork's Code: 2402115358
  • Category: Sculpture
  • Technique: Mixed Media
  • Material: Mixed Media
  • Date Created (Georgian Date) : ۲۰۱۹
  • Dimensions: 18 * 21
  • Edition: One

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