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About Artwork Farmanieh-Moezzi-No6

What Was & What Is: We are living in an era of destruction, reconstruction and renovation: An era where history is abolished and reassembled. Structures collapse and the old is superseded by the new. Meanwhile whatever survives turns into a token of what had been; An evidence of time, a mark of an era. It is what combines my lived experience with the experience of my previous generations. It flourishes a sense of belonging inside me, belonging to something venerable and persistent, a past that forms who I am at present. “What was and what is”. These works are moments that record an experience, the experience of being in that moment. Before long, they will also be history.

Marjan Nemati (born 1981 in Tehran, Iran) whose practice includes painting, drawing, printmaking and illustration seeks to engage the collective memory of her audience. She tends to revive the sense of belonging to a unified history through iconic and …
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Marjan Nemati


  • Artwork's Code: 0006896151
  • Category: Painting
  • Technique: Mixed Media
  • Material: Canvas
  • Date Created (Georgian Date) : 2017
  • Dimensions: 100 * 120
  • Edition: One

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