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A collection of photos from the Angels are common themes running environment that uses elements of nature and operation of computer tools various spaces added, is implemented.And.taknvn angels on display in private collections Iran, Switzerland, Germany, Britain and France have found. Graduated painting at the undergraduate and postgraduate study in the arts. So far, more than 20 solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, these works have shown the interest of international critics have faced. Art critics and artists in the world including: Edward Lucie-Smith (English) and Dominic Tino (French), Crane trucks Rkyvs (Germany), Aygnz Kazkvych (Russian), John Dalsvn (Australian) have written about his work. John Dalsn Australian environmental artist says is proof of trust in love with Angel, Angel Prbaz, lies, Brnshsth and bright angel. He is among a new generation of artists is a unique peripheral vision. Still need to wait and see the angel of his reclining Prbaz and will be part of the history of art, because his mind is still blossoming. And calls for the transformation of the core of these works. Induction butterfly from the cocoon that comes in, they filled the space with sound proof which can be heard from these images, the balance of male / female; the rise of both the application of re-ground to the sky, emphasizing the beauty Nature. In these works there is love, love life, to women and to men. In their profound communion with humanity, empathy with the destiny of man and his potentials, happy to have his wife, with the ability to both growth and excellence.

-Iranian Art Academy & Multi media perofesional art gruop - Faculty Member& Lecturer of painting in the Art University of Isfahan - master in Persian Calligraphy Society EDUCATION: 2006-2008 – MA, Art Research, University of Art, Tehran, Iran 2001-2004 …
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Hojat Amani


  • Artwork's Code: 0220338911
  • Category: Painting
  • Technique: Photo media
  • Material: Canvas
  • Date Created (Georgian Date) : 2015
  • Dimensions: 140 * 95 * 2
  • Edition: One
  • Inkjet print on canvas

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