Mir Emad Hassani
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A Group of four Calligraphic Pages by Mir 'Ali; Mahmud Ibn Ishaq Al-Shahabi; 'Imad al-Hasani and Fakhr al-Din 'Ali, Persia, 16th-17th century Persian manuscripts on paper, written in flowing nasta'liq script in black ink, the Mir 'Ali with polychrome flowers in blue-bordered gold triangular corner panels, the reverse with a drawing of a man carrying a bottle in ink, red and gold; the al-Shahabi with interlinear gold flowers and set in to a gold-flecked album page; the al-Hasani with 8 lines of text within cloud bands laid down on an album page ruled in colours and gold with gilt floral cartouches in the outer margins; the al-Din 'Ali with the text in gold-outlined cloud bands set against a light blue ground of scrolling flowers, album page with coloured borders ruled in gold Quantity: 4 21.5 by 12.5cm. 25.3 by 18.8cm. 40.2 by 26cm.


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