Mir Emad Hassani
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Munajat of Khawaja 'Abdullah Ansari (d.1088 AD), signed by 'Imad Al-Hasani, Persia, Safavid, dated 994 AH/1585 AD Persian manuscript on gold-sprinkled paper, 7 leaves plus 4 flyleaves, 8 lines to the page written in fine and elegant nasta'liq script in black ink, text separated by gold dots, margins ruled with a thick gold band, outer margins decorated with scenes of wildlife and foliage in gold, opening folio with illuminated headpiece decorated with scrolling flowers on blue and punched gold grounds, within strapwork borders, illuminated colophon, brown morocco binding with gilt-stamped central medallions decorated with rosettes and roundels within gilt borders 16.4 by 9.2cm.


  • Artwork's Code: 3539927476
  • Category: Calligraphy
  • Technique:
  • Material: ---
  • Dimensions: 16 * 9
  • Edition: One
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