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About Artwork The Saxiphone Player

this work is picked from a 12 works collection , wich 11 works are available.all works are framed and passepartouted and are hanged vertically.the subject started with an sketch wich is related to 3 years before the present collection and I was inspired by a second look at it . the mentioned sketch later was completed and became one of the main works.I'd like the audience to discover the dark side of my personality by looking at my works . I'm very interested in black and white colors and using them makes me feel better.

I'm Masoud Naddafi , born 1985 , associate degree in graphic design , had a few group and solo exhibitions in mediums including photography , illustration , painting . lately I've started sculpting .

Masoud Naddafi

The Saxiphone Player

  • Artwork's Code: 0729272265
  • Category: Illustration
  • Technique: Mixed Media
  • Material: Paper
  • Date Created (Georgian Date) : 2014
  • Dimensions: 50 * 35
  • Edition: One

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