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Proper pricing can contribute to selling your artwork easily. As an artist, you must be able to explain the reason for your pricing, so choosing the best methods and principles plays significant role in setting a proper rice. There are various ways that can help you find the best price for your artwork. Heed the following tips if you are seeking improvement in art market:

Set hourly price for your artwork consider the efforts and time you put to create that work calculate the price of material you used Use comparison to set the best price. Find the artworks similar to yours and check their …

Your work of art needs a certificate of authenticity. When you sell your work, you need to put that certificate in a package and send it along to the buyer. You can either prepare that certificate by yourself or get it from the Arthibition website. Arthibition will email you if you want.

Certificate of authenticity is a document with the artist's signature, which includes details about the work such as the name, size, dimension, limited edition# of # (if it has), date of selling, and the signature.

Following your request for the certificate of authenticity, Arthbition will send …

Your image must be:

JPEG Minimum 1200 *1500 pixel Less than 20 MB

With regard to the image size, there is a general rule to follow if your work is prints:

The dimension of your file must be at least the size of the print multiplied by 150 with a DPI of 150

(Preferred print length*150) *(preferred print width*150) at 150 DPI

Imagine you want to sell a print which is 8*10, the size must be 1200 pixels (8*150) by 1500 pixel (10*150) at 150 DPI.
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